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Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a dedicated development center built for a particular customer to meet its requirement of developing, testing and maintenance work. It is a proved method to expand customer's developing capability with low cost, high quality and low risk. This model is best for:

      Long term cooperation between service provider and customer

      Software product research and development/large scale software system developing and


The feature of ODC:

      Offshore operation, located outside of the client's country

      Dedicated team built according to customer's requirement

      Time and Material business model

      Isolated working zone and separated network if required

      Work driven by statement of work from client

With ITPIXEL's ODC model, we deliver measurable benefits: Cost savings, development cycle decrease, productivity increase and etc. Combine mature processes, start-of-the-art technology, high quality and seasoned project teams, USE provide the best ODC services to customers.

Our ODC process:



In this step, we help customer fully understand the issues and risks. We will define what projects are fit for outsourcing and which engagement model is good for customers. Also we need to identify all the risks and find the solution for them.



          We will provide a list of plans after we analyze the project requirement, which will be the

          guideline of our further work.


         Infrastructure & Facilities

         We provide infrastructure and facilities to meet our customer's need by giving them our

          proposal based on the project requirement.



          We provide a dedicated team for our customers. Based on the project requirement, we decide

          the team organization structure. The responsibility and activities of every role are also

          defined. We have a mature process to prepare resources.


         Knowledge Transfer

          Even it might have extra cost involved, good and consistent training will contribute greatly to

          the outsourcing success. If the off-shore engineers are lack of knowledge about the project

          and origins, the outsourcing project will become a disaster. It is extremely hard for engineers

          working on unfamiliar industry. Four types of Knowledge transfer: Skill, Process, Domain, Work

          specifications and culture norms.


          Pilot Project

           Doing pilot project is an effective way to reduce risks, especially for two companies cooperate

           at the first time. A pilot project must have the reasonable size. It would be useless if it is so

           small whereas the very large one is not appropriate for a test. A pilot period normally last

           from couple of weeks to three months, typically one month. For the pilot project,

           measurement and tracking need to be conducted. Some intermediate products are generated

           such as detail designs, prototypes to track performance, etc. The following criteria are used to

           measure the overall performance:


        Quality, both technical (e.g. number of bugs) and functional (e.g. if it meets specification)

        Cost and productivity

        Project communication


          Responsibility transfer

           For a new project, the most important thing is transferring responsibilities from PM of the

           client to counterpart of ITPIXEL.

For on-going project, our methodology is to transfer the responsibilities peer to peer. The best time for transferring core development task is after transfer is finished completely, when the team is stable and the operating is smooth.


Statement of Work (SOW) guides the operation of ITPIXEL. When ITPIXEL receives the SOW, the project team analyzes it first and discusses with customer till customers make sure we fully understand the SOW. After that, the effort estimation will be given and submitted to customer. If objected, a new cycle discussion will be incurred until an agreement is reached. Also, we will set up our work plan in terms of this SOW, which should be approved by customers. During the implementation and test phases, we deliver codes and reports everyday. When the work of SOW is completed, customer will execute the UAT according to the defined criteria. If failed, we will investigate and rework it.


To know more, please download the following document(s):

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Built Operate Transfer (BOT) model




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